Speakers @ DLIG Workshop: Bridging the Distance in Distance Librarianship

When:  Friday June 9, 2017, 9:30 AM – 4 PM
Where:  7847 West VOA Park Drive, West Chester, OH
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Dr. Beate Gersch, Keynote & 2017 Visionary
Coordinator of Instruction Services at University Libraries of the University of Akron
Online Culture or Culture Online?
As librarians, we create content, develop strategies to connect our users with that content, and are on a constant quest for the best technology that will help us achieve that. There is no shortage of scholarship, best practices, and tools when it comes to bringing these elements of librarianship together in an online environment. Despite the attention given to the importance of fostering communities and engaging diverse groups of students online, the focus all too often lies with technology as the online panacea. By delving into concepts of intercultural communication the audience will be challenged to reconsider the focus on technology and to explore the role of culture online.


Robyn Charlton
Coordinator of Online Faculty for Miami University’s Regional E-Learning Initiatives
Strengthening Connections through Instructor Presence and Student Engagement


Cherie Bronkar
Regional Library Director for Kent State University Tuscarawas
Serving Students Overseas


Hanna Schmillen
Health Sciences and Professions Subject Librarian at Ohio University
Serving Online, Nontraditional Students: Online Consultations, Direct Chat, Patience, and More Strategies from an Academic, Health Sciences Librarian
The need for continued education and advanced degrees are not new concepts to higher education. It’s also not news that many programs are shifting (and have been) from an on-campus to an online environment. But what happens to those nontraditional students who have to take an online program, but do not have the technical skills or comfort level to thrive in an online, classroom environment? For the RN-BSN program, online MSN, and online DNP programs at Ohio University, a good portion of the students have been clinical nurses for years, if not decades, and are coming back to school. Because of the online nature of the program and the general need for a more in-depth reference experience, I meet with these busy, very adult students via Adobe Connect. This allows us to talk, chat, share documents (if needed) and share screens with ease without downloading any software. I’ve also created several tutorials and have designed my RN-BSN LibGuide in a manner that is, hopefully, better equipped for these students.

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Distance Learning Interest Group Spring 2017 Workshop

Bridging the Distance in Distance Librarianship: Meeting the Needs of Today’s Diverse Online Learners

Dr. Beate Gersch, 2017 Distance Learning Visionary & Keynote Speaker
Coordinator of Instruction Services, University of Akron Libraries

  • Dr. Gersch earned her Ph.D. in Media Studies from the University of Oregon in 2003 and later turned librarian, graduating from Kent State University, School of Library and Information Science in 2011.  She brings an interesting perspective of media, power, and culture to librarianship.  She focuses on information literacy instruction, especially in digital environments.  Dr. Gersch has taught face to face courses and online.  She recently joined the Part-time Faculty of KSU School of Library and Information Science in 2016 with a concentration on Information Literacy Initiatives and Instruction.

Cherie Bronkar, Library Director, Kent State, Tuscarawas, serving students overseas
Robyn Charlton, Online Faculty Coordinator,  Miami Regionals, engaging online students
Hanna Schmillen, Health Sciences Librarian, Ohio University, non-traditional students in online programs

Learn how to engage diverse online learners in information literacy.  Theories, techniques, and tools that create a positive learning and research environment will be explored and demonstrated.

Friday, June 9, 2017 from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm
Miami University, Voice of America Learning Center
7847 W VOA Park Dr., West Chester, OH 45069

Registration Opens March 1, 2017


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2017 DLIG Visionary

The co-chairs of the Distance Learning Interest Group of ALAO are delighted to announce the recipient of this year’s Distance Learning Visionary Award.

Dr. Beate Gersch is the Coordinator of Instruction Services and the Bibliography and Undergraduate Outreach Librarian at the University of Akron Libraries.

She earned her Ph.D. in Media Studies from the University of Oregon in 2003 and later turned librarian, graduating from Kent State University, School of Library and Information Science in 2011.  She brings an interesting perspective of media, power, and culture to librarianship.  She focuses on information literacy instruction, especially in digital environments.  Dr. Gersch has taught face to face courses and online.  She recently joined the Part-time Faculty of KSU School of Library and Information Science in 2016 with a concentration on Information Literacy Initiatives and Instruction.

She has presented internationally at ACRL, LOEX, DLS, and IFLA on topics such as archival research, collaboration, the Framework, library outreach with students and administrators, and assessment of academic libraries’ web pages.  She has published book chapters, journal articles, and conference papers on these same topics.  She recognizes the importance of intercultural communication as it relates to information literacy instruction as well as collaboration within the university and assessing impact.

Dr. Gersch will be the keynote speaker at the upcoming DLIG Workshop on Friday June 9, 2017 at the Voice of America Learning Center of Miami University, West Chester, Ohio. More details about the workshop are forthcoming.

For questions about the award or the workshop, please contact the co-chairs, Kristin Cole at kcole@muskingum.edu or Beth Tumbleson at tumbleb@miamioh.edu.

Kristin Cole and Beth Tumbleson, DLIG Co-Chairs

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Call for 2017 Distance Learning Visionary

Who Among Your Colleagues Is a “Distance Learning Visionary”?

The Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO) wishes to recognize and commend visionary librarians in distance learning who promote equitable access to library resources and services.  Who among your colleagues is implementing creative solutions, conducting studies, or coordinating programs in distance library services and learning?

ALAO’s Distance Learning Interest Group (DLIG) invites nominations for the 2017 “Distance Learning Visionary”.

To Nominate:

Nomination applications should include (1) a 250-500 word essay that demonstrates the nominee’s contributions to distance learning at an Ohio institution and (2) a brief presentation proposal to suggest what the nominee might share with colleagues at the 2017 DLIG Workshop.   Links to relevant supporting materials are encouraged.  Self-nomination or group nominations are permitted.

Visionary Benefits:

  • Awarded honor of being named the 2017 Distance Learning Visionary.
  • Recognition at the 2017 ALAO Annual Conference Luncheon, as well as on the ALAO Website, ALAO Newsletter, and the DLIG Blog.
  • Monetary grant of $150.00 to present at the 2017 DLIG Workshop:  distance learning innovations, research, strategies, programs, or products.  (Please note that the funds are contingent upon the grantee presenting in person, remotely, or via pre-recorded session.)

For complete details and submission guidelines, please see the DLIG Blog at https://distancelibrarians.wordpress.com/dlig-visionary/ or
email the DLIG Co-Chairs at ohiodlig@gmail.com.

Applications are due by December 9th, 2016.

Kristin Cole kcole@muskingum.edu

Beth Tumbleson tumbleb@miamioh.edu

2016-2017 DLIG Co-Chairs

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ACRL DLS Round Table Conversation, 10/24/16

Come to a new Distance Learning Section event:

Round Table Conversations
Topic: Motivation, engagement, and participation in asynchronous courses

Join the Distance Learning Section Instruction Committee for our first Round Table Conversation. Our goal is to gather distance learning librarians into breakout rooms to encourage active conversations about this month’s topic: motivation, engagement, and participation in asynchronous courses. Discussion will be focused on creating engaging tutorials, encouraging participation in discussion forums, ensuring everyone has a chance to discuss/practice, and assessing motivation, engagement and student participation. Space is limited, so sign up today!

Date: October 24, 2016

Time: 3 PM Eastern, (2 PM Central, 1 PM Mountain, 12 PM Pacific)

Register online (FREE): http://ala.adobeconnect.com/e3l3j5x5viz/event/registration.html

For questions, contact either Natalie Bennett Natalie-Bennett@utc.edu or Anjali Bhasin at bhasin2@wisc.edu

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Staying Current on Distance Learning Library Services

ALAO DLIG Readings, October 2016, Compiled by Beth Tumbleson

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2016 Guidelines & Standards Impact DLIG

Framework for Information Literacy  for Higher Education, Adopted January 11, 2016

ACRL Standards for Distance Learning Library Services, Revised June 2106

After much thought, discussion, and work, these professional guidelines and standards are now approved.  Come to the DLIG Round Table at ALAO Annual, Ballroom A, 10:55 – 11:40 am to discuss what this may mean @ your library.

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