2016 Distance Learning Visionary!!

We are very excited to announce that Sara Klink is our 2016 DLIG Visionary Award Winner!!!


Sara is currently the Assistant Director of Library Services at Stark State College where she works in a non-traditional  academic library. She has worked as a librarian for 10 years in both public and academic libraries. Sara developed and implemented an innovative instruction program on her campus that incorporates in-person and online components to provide outstanding embedded library services.

Six years ago when library services were officially brought to campus the library instruction program was non-existent. With the opening of the new digital library requests for your typical one-shot sessions grew rapidly, but with only one instruction librarian, it quickly became unmanageable. So she moved the rapidly growing instruction program beyond the typical one shot to embed library skills and learning objects into programs and courses across campus which not only expanded the library’s reach but connected the students on a more personal level with their digital library.

A three stage library instruction plan was designed to create and embed learning objects that would take the burden off of the librarian and face to face instruction. Currently the library has embedded units in all composition classes and college orientation with development underway for developmental reading and the allied health programs.

Sara will be presenting about her innovative instruction program at our DLIG Spring Workshop on Friday, April 29th at the Voice of America Learning Center in West Chester, Ohio (just north of Cincinnati).

Please join us in congratulating Sara on winning the award and for her contributions to distance librarianship and services!

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